Sunday, October 18, 2009

MPM--SomeTinga Went Wrong

Happy Sunday, all!

Ah, the best laid plans and menus weren't quite working for me this week. We finally tried the tinga! It smelled amazing, and we could not wait to try it. And when we opened the lid, and spooned out our first bit...the tomatoes (Wh*le F**ds 365 Diced) tasted so metallic, it overwhelmed the rest of it completely. I was so disappointed! The smell of it cooking was amazing. Fortunately i had the backup regular tacos for my son's birthday, so I just stretched those out for all of us instead. But what a bummer! We will try again, though. And I'm not sure it has to be pork shoulder, either, which will make life easier.

This week, I'm trying again with some things I didn't get to the last times and one new recipe. I lucked in to a ton of eggplants from the CSA, so I'm looking for ways to use them--yum. I think baba ghanoush is on the menu too...

Monday: Mediterranean-Style Beef-Stuffed Eggplant from Two Fat Als' new cookbook with the leftovers from birthday party #2 for the boy--spaghetti and meatballs, at his request...and of which he ... ate ... nothing. And I earned mother-of-the-year points by not yelling at him once. His birthday, his choice. I'm sure he found enough crackers or pretzels so he didn't go to bed hungry. But I digress.

Tuesday: Trying again to make the autumn casserole since the crockpot is out anyway. It's already endeared itself to me by not having any ingredients that went bad when my last week when this was planned fell apart unexpectedly.

Wednesday: Leftovers, plus some veggie dishes I'm making for myself for lunches: Smitten Kitchen's napa cabbage salad to use the yummy radishes from the CSA (and have you seen the supercute baby of hers?), and 101 Cookbooks' summer green bean salad (minus the "salad" part).

Thursday: either more leftovers (possible, given my inability to estimate quantities well), or a curry dish. Could be Frugal Foodies' Curried Tilapia and Sweet Potato Stew, since I have lots of delightful little sweet potatoes hanging around...or the curried chick peas...or a cashew curry from 101 Cookbooks...we'll see. I don't want to overplan.

Friday: Football game (I know...predictable!).

And all this around the baseball's hoping our Phils pull it out! Go see I'm an Organizing Junkiefor more inspirational menus!


Mom24 said...

Don't you hate it when you work so hard and things don't turn out? Sorry. :-)

I give you major points for not yelling at your son. Why do they do things like that???

Have a wonderful week.

Rona's Home Page said...

How does Napa Cabbage taste? We've been thinking of trying it.
You have a tasty week of recipes planned.
Please feel free to stop by my blog. Our family is looking for ways to reduce our grocery bill since my husband and I are unemployed.
You have a wonderful week!

brandy101 said...

It has been so cold here that I have been making soups and stews.

One of my fave things to make lately - what Sandra Lee would call *semi-homemade* - is to dice up a small yellow onion and some celery and sautee until softened in olive oil. Then I slice up a pack of TJs chicken andouille sausage (pre-cooked, 4 in a pack)and add that to the pot. Then I add 2 1/2 C of water and bring to a boil, and then add a box of Zatarans LOWER SODIUM Jambalaya mix and simmer per package directions.

It is such a delish dish for a really cold night and its EASY. You could even make it ahead, put in a container and just microwave the stored jambalaya on the night you need it. I serve w. a romaine lettuce salad which adds a needed coolness to the hot & spicy of the entree.

Rona's Home Page said...

Thank you for the kind words you wrote about your Toby. Even though I cried reading them it does make me feel better that may his new family is sending us good wishes and are taking great care of him.