Sunday, October 4, 2009

MPM--Eating Down the Fridge, Third Time's the Charm

Hello, all! Welcome to the third version of Really? You Still Haven't Defrosted that Freezer? Otherwise known as the Eating Down the Fridge Challenge, Version 3. Click over to join in.

This time, I'm really serious about emptying my freezer. I need to defrost and fill it before Christmas. (Long story which I will tell after Christmas but I need it for storage of items for my sister in law. More details after the holiday itself.) So...easy-peasy cooking week for me. And really, truly, finally time to chuck the last bags of breastmilk. The "baby" is four now. It's time.

Monday: veggie chickpea curry; rice; something from the CSA box; no-fat Greek yogurt or raita, if I'm inspired

Tuesday: turkey sloppy joes; asparagus risotto from Trader Joe's, french fries for the kids

Wednesday: flatbreads from--wait for it--Trader Joe's, salad, ice cream sandwiches

Thursday: vegan sweet potato chili; rice; salad; either a CSA veggie or bag of mixed veggies from (yup) Trader Joe's

Friday: football game. I will be sad when the season is over!

And, as a bonus, I found a bag of frozen rhubarb in there so we'll use some of the last of the strawberries to make one more strawberry-rhubarb crumble. Yum.

And the backup meal to all these: a quiche with one of the pie shells, since these are almost all new recipes (yup, I made vegan chili and didn't even try any--don't ask!). Although this too will be a new recipe, and eggs have been met with suspicion in the past, I am hopeful about this souffle recipe that I'm quiche-ing as it includes basil, which is the magic "pesto" to my kids. (Her blog is lovely, worth the click over to appreciate!) The other backup: Just found out my favorite grocery store sells Bell & Evans chicken nuggets. If it looks like a nugget, my kids will go for it. And there's always waffles.

And I'm really sad to say that this doesn't even, in fact, empty the freezer, let alone dent the pantry, so I may have to continue. You can read about it here next week. Meanwhile, try I'm an Organizing Junkie for the best meal plans on the web!


Karen said...

I started doing a monthly meal plan just so I wouldn't run into this same problem of having to empty the freezer...

Lauren D. McKinney said...

I can't even identify half the stuff in my freezer. Good luck with this project!

Scrumptious said...

Your menu sounds great! I wish my freezer were full of so much yumminess! Sounds like we have similar taste in food. I hope all those meals you haven't sampled yet turn out great!

Joyful said...

The `turkey sloppy Joes` sounds interesting.

Rita T. said...

We got our freezer pretty well cleared out this summer. Now we're in the process of restocking. The menu looks great!

brandy101 said...

Those flatbreads are ridiculously good, aren't they?

I like the mushroom risotto - will have to try the asparagus.

Rona's Home Page said...

My husband was saying that freezers are the number one appliance sold at his store.
If we had the room I would definitely purchase one.
Your weekly menu sounds delicious.