Friday, April 3, 2009


#1. Suggest a question for FFOF. Something fun is in store for the one whose question is chosen.

What's your favorite thing to make with five ingredients or less? (Salt, pepper, water, etc. not included.)

#2. Share instructions on how to make your favorite smoothee or shake.

Our Favorite Smoothie

fresh pineapple
orange juice
one banana
optional: blueberries or raspberries; plain yogurt

Throw in blender and enjoy!

#3. What’s in your favorite panini?

Am I hopelessly unhip to admit I don't have one? I'm not a hot sandwich girl (except for "Rachels"--Reubens made with turkey instead of corned beef) and I don't think I've ever had one!

#4. Share a recipe for potato salad.

I have to admit that I am a fan of "My Mother's Potato Salad" from a community cookbook I have:
"Go to store's deli counter. Say, 'I would like three pounds of potato salad, please.' Come home and transfer to your own bowl. Serve."

When I make it myself, it's pretty basic: peel, cube, and boil potatoes; dressing is mayo mixed with red vinegar. Chop up some celery in to really small pieces, and, if feeling fancy, some chives or scallions as well. Salt & pepper to taste. This is also my macaroni salad recipe!


brandy101 said...

Really my fave hot sandwich is grilled cheese & tomato - either the classic or quasi-panini versions with fancier cheeses and perhaps a bread w. rosemary baked into it.

I also love a falafel sandwich, and Italian Beef, a cheesesteak w. sauteed mushrooms, and of course, who can forget the American staple: a really good, fresh BURGER.

Charla said...

Your smoothie recipe sounds delicious. I'm going to have to try it. We fix a lot of smoothies when it gets warm weather.

Sarafina said...

That sounds like a great cookbook :) I love when they have recipes like that in there.