Sunday, February 15, 2009

Uber-late FFOF 66

Oh, criminy. I am so sick this week I'm glad this isn't really about food!

#1. Are your Kitchen utensils nylon, silicone, wood or other?

Depends what you are talking about. Silverware is stainless, and so are most serving pieces. I love my nonsticks, so I have a good collection of silicone too. But, there are some things that wood is just plain best for, so I have a few of those too.

#2. Do you prefer dishes washed in a dishwasher or by hand?

I am too wimpy with water temperature so I way prefer dishwasher. But, mine is dying (still) so I do a lot by hand, being too cheap to actually replace it until it keels over dead.

#3. How many sets of dishes do you have?

Three. I only ever use one, the Corelle. (Which is really one made out of two, because yes, my boys are talented enough to break Corelle.) But I have my parents' dishes, and my grandmother's dishes, all of which I love, and none of which I can use until the little guy stops dropping at least one serving item (dish or utensil or cup) per meal.

#4. Share a recipe that calls for only one pot or pan.

Right now? Cup-of-soup is my big suggestion, I'm sorry to say. But I was wildly impressed with the African Chicken from Glorious One Pot Meals and highly recommend checking it out at your library to see if it's something you'd enjoy!

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Corrin said...

They gotta be pros to break Corelle! Haha.