Sunday, February 15, 2009

MPM--Sick as a Dog Edition

Hello, blogfriends,

I have been hit with the worst flu I've had in ... well, since the last bloggy gathering in my neck of the woods. That time it was a fever. This week, I have had a sore throat for a full seven days now, and if my doctor would pick up the phone, I would be over there in a heartbeat. It's starting to get me worried.

And I can't taste anything so cooking has been not so inspirational. The saddest part of this is that my husband went all-out for Valentine's Day, broiling steak au poivre, sauteeing spinach with red onions and red wine, and making baked potatoes that were utterly perfect. And I could barely taste any of it. What I could taste was totally amazing so that was the silver lining. He is significantly more gifted in the kitchen than I am, though he has the full-time job, hence my scrambling to figure out what I'm doing over here.

Last week: the cranberry pork roast was a huge hit. I followed directions exactly, with one exception of finishing after my super-hot crockpot was done at 3.5 hours. The texture was more roast like and less fall-y apart-y than my favorite pork roast that I do. I can't taste it, still, but my husband liked it and my kids...well...they still are in a won't-touch-it-if-I-don't-recognize-it stage. Which drives me nuts as they love pork usually, but c'est la vie. Plenty of leftover tacos for the older boy at least.

This week...well, lots depends on kicking this flu or whatever it is.

Monday: leftovers (pork roast for grownups, with rice for soaking up the yummy sauce, tacos for boys)

Tuesday: The Kindergarten Lottery! Not quite as sinister as the short story but close. Too many of us want morning kindergarten for our kids so they do a public lottery where they pull names until the morning classes are full, and then they make a waitlist. So we have to hustle out for that and I'm hoping my in-laws can come stay with the kids. So: Poppy seed chicken, slow cooker roasted veggies, chick pea salad, rice.

Wednesday: Take out. Really jonesing for some biriyani. If I can taste it. Otherwise, freezer meal.

Thursday: Sausage and quinoa bake. Will try to link to recipe.

Friday: Take out, or spaghetti and meatballs.

And please please please let me be better by next week. I can't believe this has hung on this long.

Don't miss I'm an Organizing Junkie for great menus and recipe tips!

And to pick up on the allusion above, it was so nice to meet all the new-to-me-at-least-in-person bloggers at Well Read Hostess's today. It was a lovely gathering and I only hope I didn't infect the whole crew. I'll have links to their blogs up soon.


Anjali said...

Oh, dear. I'm sending you virtual chicken noodle soup. Feel better, soon.

Kelly said...

I've eaten nothing but stale bran crackers and chicken noodle soup minus the chicken. (you would think in a huge city SOME store would have some vegetable soup. since when is the deli out of matza ball soup???) sending you some well wishes!

Mommychicky said...

Will give a formal write-up of the chicken, but it smells AMAZING. Wow, husband made quite a dinner. I so hope you're feeling better soon!