Sunday, September 21, 2008

MPM--Not Following Directions Edition

Settling in to September, counting the days until it's time for both kids to be in school. Last week went great for the little guy, though he was totally wiped out. Tuesday was his first day of school, plus Lunch Bunch; then on Wednesday, he went to day care all day; then Thursday, back to school. It was a lot to ask, so I shouldn't be surprised everyone has colds. And every day he mentions playing with someone else, so the social piece seems to be ok...and even today at Day out with Thomas, another little boy from the drop-in (for us) day care recognized him and came over to say hi. "What was his name?" I asked. "Samuel," he said, "Who was wearing the bear in the nighttime shirt." Great description. I should be so lucky with my grownup friends.

Anyway. Veered off course last week, trying the Sloppy Joe Cupcakes from Rocks in my Dryer for the "first day of school" special meal. They were a moderate hit. I'll try again in a few years. My little one is in such a food rut, as much as he did like the biscuit part of the "cupcake," the next night he had a cheese plate.

On to dinners this week. I'm supposed to be doing family favorites, but really, the only favorites in this house are tacos and buttered noodles and I don't think anyone would need a recipe for those. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has, though!

Monday: New one for us: Balsamic Roasted Chicken with Acorn Squash; Giada Orzo (not a family favorite but certainly one of mine); green beans. (If chicken doesn't go well I'll switch over to green beans, potatoes, and fennel recipe from The Silver Palate New Basics.)

Tuesday: Chicken curry, rice, broccoli.

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin with mushrooms, Israeli couscous, salad.

Thursday: Tailgate! Our nephew's 9th grade football team from another district plays their first game of the season at our home field. We're expecting about 10 family to come cheer him on. I'm excited to use the "tailgate plug" in my station wagon for the first time ever! Slow cooker hot dogs, orzo salad, Israeli couscous (see the method to my madness?), zucchini rice gratin; various fruit.

Friday: pasta with goat cheese and asparagus

Weekend will include lots of eggs as I thought I was down to one. I was "down" to thirteen...and bought another dozen. Oops.

Also trying to make some molasses muffins, the last of the local corn and peaches, and in desperate search for banana chips to make the cookies I read about here. I'm also desperate to try the cheddar-bacon bread in Bon Appetit this month but can't find dried pears either. On verge of trying to dry my own but that really feels like I'm crossing some line in to obsession.

Come get inspired with me at OrgJunkie's! She's hosting a "my family's favorites" this week. Can't wait to see what others' families eat.


Mommychicky said...

If my market connection reemerges, I'm going to have to see if he has acorn squash because I want to try out that Balsamic Chicken/Acorn Squash recipe... Thanks for sharing!

brandy101 said...

Do your kids like quiche? When Emma was little, she loved it, esp. with cheese and broccoli. It is certainly an easy way to use up those eggs.