Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas in an All New Way

A few posts ago, I wrote about how I'm trying the new 100 Days to Christmas site, and lamenting how the other Christmas countdowns I've tried leave me feeling like I need a rescue from Martha and Ma Ingalls. But here's one holiday prep I can get behind: Get registered to vote. Learn where your polling place is. Do not delay.

The time is now. On my way to the dentist today I ran in to a McCain-Palin rally and subsequent protesters. I'm kicking myself I didn't get to McCain when his crowds were small. I love voting in my town. The poll watchers and workers are my first grade teacher, the mother of my 8th grade lab partner, my down-the-street neighbor, and the mom of two of the lifeguards I worked with at the pool for several years. I bring my kids, almost always, or at least pictures, and see photos of the kids of the kids I grew up with. I love voting because in my town, it's expected, and at 9 in the morning, my voter number is always over 200. That might be less surprising in a town with more than 5000 registered voters and three precincts. I look forward to voting twice a year (that would include the primaries, obviously, people.) I love voting even though I have a strong history of voting for the people who don't win. This year especially, I can't wait to vote. Partly because I can't wait for the commercials to end. And mostly because, like Jon Stewart, I just look forward to What Comes Next. If you are not in the habit of voting, now is the time to start.

For those of you blogging and supporting Obama, go here. For those of you who are not, I am asking you respectfully and honestly, how do you sleep at night with the words "President P@lin" in your head? Or are you that convinced that the health of McCain will be fine? Maybe having both parents die in their 60s makes me less likely to believe in McCain's continuing health (and I certainly don't wish him ill; I'm just thinking like an actuary here) but I have a hard time understanding what he was thinking on this one.

Anyway. this is Christmas prep I can get behind. Thanks to the 100 Days countdown for the reminder, and Well Read Hostess for the Obama link. (Did I mention that there might be a Dyson on the line on the Obama link? Go see.)


listplanit said...

I love it! Great post on exercising your right and privilege to vote!! Thanks for participating in 100 Days to Christmas.


nutmeg said...

Right on, Girl!

brandy101 said...

Amen, Sister!

And, can I just say, I sure as heck hope the O-man prepares WELL for these debates and really nails it on Friday.

And from Both candidates: guys, can you PLEASE give us some concrete info on what you plan to do on a variety of issues? Thanks.

Motherhood101aplus said...

I think for a few days new life was put into the McCain campaign by his selection. I have also heard that if Clinton was on the dem ticket with Obama that McCain might not have selected the same running mate.