Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paging Spring...

My friends in other parts of the country just aren't getting it, but we are in a total winter rut here. But I am hoping we are crawling out. Here's this week's version of winter.

So, when I had published last week we hadn't had the chicken noodle soup yet. To my immense shock, both boys ate the soup. Both. Boys. Ate. The. Soup. Ok, in a DALS deconstructed style but--folks--this is huge. Mr. Picky didn't like it but he ate it with the promise of not-in-soup noodles later. He picked out the onions and the carrots and there was practically no broth. But he ate the chicken and the noodles. Older boy is warming to soup a little so while he ate his with a fork, he ate all of it and without complaining. It was nothing short of a culinary miracle.

We got hammered, again, with the two-part snowstorm this week, right before the district's 4 day weekend. For those of you not keeping track at home, that's two five-day weekends this year. Fear not, I'm keeping track for you.

This time, I was hoping we'd get to the mountains for the weekend (and cheered on those who drove to school to pick up the kids on Wednesday with the skis on the rack, ready to blast up the turnpike to the ski resorts before the snow hit--well played, all) so I spent the day getting food ready to go to the mountains. I tried these five ingredient nutella cookies. As one might expect from cookies that are mostly nutella--they are awesome. I liked them equally well with and without the salt. They made one small container's worth. I also made the cookie bars, yes again, it was a new audience, mac and cheese, and chili. And off we went to the land of zero degrees and too-many-mph toboggan runs!

Monday: Takeout. Holiday weekend, coming back from the mountains or depressed we aren't.

Tuesday: superquick tacos before basketball.

Wednesday: spaghetti. The Trader Joe's Italian sausages are a hit with the hubby so we are making those a good bit.

Thursday: Leftovers and Pacific Rim Pork. Needs to be fast b/c there are so many crazy things happening--kids' art show, book group, parish council meeting...can't really focus on everything or my brain will shut down.

Friday: down one kid so probably will take the other one out for Indian or hamburgers. If the snow is gone. Because when I wasn't looking someone moved my state to Minnesota. (Did you ever read The Scrambled States of America? I feel like we're living it right now.)

Wishing you a good week!

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