Sunday, January 20, 2013

MPM--Ups and Downs

So, here we are, in the midst of a 3 day weekend, after a rousing performance by our older son in the Martin Luther King assembly this week. We were so proud--he was so good, and (even more critically) he liked it. I will get him to a drama camp yet! But it won't be soon; things crept up on me and the activities schedule is a little out of control this season, so we're dialing back. Still, it is overall going well; our older one, who is less interested in sports, had his best game yet in basketball; our younger is playing soccer twice a week with almost all his friends and loves it; and they are both still enjoying the language classes so it's a win, it's just busy. So even though Christmas break was so recently we just got the tree decorations away, I'm enjoying the long weekend. I hope you are too.

Monday: Apple cider chicken (link below), rice, salad

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, praise be.

Wednesday: Little guy is begging for Wednesday Spaghetti. We will fly solo this week (ie, not inviting any other families) but we'll do it. I am really jonesing to have all the Christmas bills done by Valentine's Day so lots of eating from the cabinet this week and spaghetti fits right in to the plan. However, I think I will try to not completely abandon the seven new meals challenge (some do 14 days; I'm calling all January) with this Smitten Kitchen broccoli pesto. If I call it pesto, it just might work.

Thursday: More cabinet/freezer eating: pesto quinoa for boys, leftovers and quinoa salad tbd for grownups.

Friday: We are definitely back in Friday night pizza mode. I can live with that.

I am really hoping that things even out eventually with our eaters. And they might! Older one, who has not liked pasta since it became the go-to food of Mr. Picky, went back for thirds one night. (Not that I'm such a fan of pushing noodles, but the principle of it was nice.) Of course the chicken I made (the apple cider chicken recipe) was only moderately received by the boys, who are very distrustful of any sauce not named A1 (oh, I exaggerate, ketchup and the Wasabi Ginger are hits too), but my husband and I liked the apple-shallot sauce, and the sour cream actually added just the right amount of creaminess. So I would make it again, but the boys won't eat it...sigh. And--it's not very fast. There were three of us cooking together to make it, which was great, I loved having the company, but it really showed me how long it takes me to prep food. This many years in to it, I'd hoped to be quicker, but no luck so far.

Same goes for the Moroccan Chicken recipe. I knew this wouldn't be quick but I really am the world's slowest chopper. I watch Rachael Ray and despair--if I could chop that quickly I might be able to make a 30 minute meal too but that is not in my skill set. OTOH--with all prechopped root vegetables, this would come together pretty easily, but then it would also cost a mint (and wasn't cheap to begin with). I bought what I thought were rutabagas but I think were turnips, and used parsnips (which I'm very fond of) and sweet potatoes only because I wasn't buying another root vegetable since they are not big hits around here. It still worked. And as a note--this would be easy to veganize--I didn't have a lot of chicken breasts left so it's very heavy on the veggies, but that's not a bad thing at all. Neither boy ate it but my husband asked for it twice in a row so that counts as a winner.

And in one more new year, new thing idea, I joined Pinterest. I am not a very visual thinker though, so it's leaving me a little cold. But I will follow my best friend just about anywhere online, so there we are. It is a good place to gather recipes, for sure.

Go see I'm an Organizing Junkie! for more inspired meal ideas and have a great week everyone!

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Anjali said...

I find food prep downright painful. And like you, it has absolutely not gotten faster for me over the years. However, I'm going to start trying a new tactic-- I'm going to recruit the whole family Sunday afternoons to help me wash and chop the vegetables for the whole week. We use up to ten veggies in soups, stews, salads, sandwiches (packed for lunch) in a give week, and dicing them up is super time consuming.