Sunday, December 16, 2012

MPM--Round Numbers

Last week's misbegotten efforts from the phone? Post number 500. 

Hearts broken last Friday? Infinite. 

I have so many teachers in my family...and so many who were so influential in my life and in the lives of my kids. If I can work my way up to it, I will do a post in their honor. But for now...all I can do is plan to get through the week and hope to keep things holiday appropriate for my kids.

If you have a moment, spare a thought for one of my blogging and real-life friends, whose close friend lost a child in Sandy Hook last week. This child had visited her home as recently as the summer. My heart breaks with hers, and she represents thousands upon thousands of us as she goes to grieve with and support the family. I ache for them all.

This week:

Monday: Kids' Night Out with the elementary school. I'll buy dinner. I'm still feeling generous. (Last Friday was, I think, the kids' favorite night ever. Cookies for snack? Sure! Popcorn for dinner? Sounds good! Snuggling on the sofa for Christmas specials marathon? You got it.) 

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

Wednesday: probably Crazy Jane's chicken, broccoli, some starch. Potato? Unclear.

Thursday: Another freezer meal--I am truly embarrassed at how many months that took. Not like I was eating every day from the freezer, but every week there was something.

Friday: Not sure--could be spaghetti and meatballs, could be more freezer food. 

Using lots of nuts for the holidays has helped with the freezer. So has the butter.

Wishing you a week with good meals with your family and other loved ones. Go to I'm an Organizing Junkie for more ideas for your family's meals. And do thank a teacher today.

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Mom24 said...

The loss is truly unimaginable. I try so hard to find a "why", and there just isn't awful. Glad you had such a good night with your kiddos. That's all we can do, isn't it? Hold our kids tight, build the memories we can build, hope and pray for the best.

Have a good week.