Sunday, May 20, 2012

MPM--Chasing Summer

<--I'm just there right now.

Ok, it's not *that* bad. But some days, it feels that way. Like today, for instance. At 3pm, I took out a head of lettuce, thinking, great, we'll have salad tonight. Dinner came (at 7:30) and went ... and the same sad lettuce is still on the counter. There were other things that happened--I got one child to and from a birthday party, we practiced on a two-wheeler (almost there!), four loads of laundry got moved, five pork loins were marinated for the dinner it wasn't a loss...but there was no salad. Or anything that didn't come from the grill. So it wasn't a win either. So, here's to another try this week...

Monday: Oh, I just love a fundraiser. Chinese food after the gymnastics showcase to benefit the fencing program. Yay!

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, since we missed it last week. (Don't ask.)

Wednesday: Leftovers, if there are any, if not, see Thursday.

Thursday: Grilled chicken (from Sunday), lemony smashed potatoes (see sidebar), something from the CSA that arrives Tuesday. And if this moves to Wednesday, I'll have freezer meals (wahoo!) to use this night.

Friday: Unclear. It's prom night for our last-of-the-older-part-of-the-generation cousins, so we'll be heading out to thoroughly embarrass him, which is always a joy. And otherwise, I'll be getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend, though what that actually means is unclear.

Right now, I'm torn between excitement that it's almost summer and horror that it's almost summer. I have a great routine this year and am loathe to see it disrupted. And while I am excited for my younger guy to go to first grade (and he is MORE than ready), I will miss our extra one-on-one time in the mornings between when his brother's bus leaves and when his does, and in the afternoons, before they get home. I'm really sad to see that chapter of our lives close.

But whether I'm happy about it or not, it's coming, so I might as well enjoy these last weeks. There's four of them left. There's inspiration!

If you need better meal inspiration than I can provide this week, try over at I'm An Organizing Junkie! and enjoy browsing! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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Mom24 said...

I LOVE that cartoon. :) So,so true.

Who cares if it comes from the grill every night? It's dinner. My kids would most likely have skipped the lettuce anyway.

Enjoy those freezer meals. Very cool.

I can't believe you have 4 weeks left. I'd be insane. We have 7 school days left and I am more than ready.

Will you be working this summer? Do you have child care to worry about? Hope things are good.