Sunday, March 11, 2012

MPM--Getting Irish Over Here

Well, faith and begorrah, it's that time of year again. Spring is sprung, we're in high gear already. I am crazy busy at work (for a part time job) and figuring out how to squeeze it all in without everyone feeling rushed. On my mind: my son's first communion in two months. The yard needs triage. But first: It's Irish soda bread week! Check here for our family recipe. It's easy, dense, and good. And we went to the Flower Show this week and picked up zeppole (traditional St. Joseph's Day pastries) and even though we're still 10 days out from St. Joseph's Day, they are nothing I'd ever make and I was happy to celebrate early. Traditional March foods for the win!

This week:

I am out of mojo. Wish me luck.

Monday: Pizza. Yup. I am THAT out of mojo.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, without enthusiasm. My husband is going out and that leaves really one taco eater. Sigh.

Wednesday: butter chicken, rice, something green

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: I'll be making the potato and cabbage dish I loved from Heidi Swanson. Boys will have...something. On Saturday, I am trying this corned beef in the slow cooker because I like it, in general, but not when it's all boiled and slimy. I'm hoping this will be a good reinvention of the classic Irish dish.

Last week: the only new thing I had time for was the roasted lemon-rosemary chicken. It was outstanding and I recommend it highly. I bought two boneless skinless breasts and two legs, and it was perfect for us. I served it with rice and brussels sprouts and leftover Trader Joe's minted peas and it made me feel like a competent mother. Everyone ate the chicken, which was good. I was annoyed because it takes an hour to marinate and I have gotten so out of sorts about cooking, I was irritated that I had to Do Stuff to make the marinade. But honestly--it involved squeezing three lemons, ripping a bunch of rosemary leaves off the stem (and I'm not totally sure that was even necessary) and pouring it in a bowl with some oil. What's my issue? I'm not sure either.

We also had a bit of an interesting lesson; I took my older son, who loathes shopping, with me to Trader Joe's. He tried the samples, which were pot roast and minted peas. He loved them both and asked me to get them for dinner. I was out of ideas (and the freezer is pretty clear) so I did it. And at home? Not as good. He ate it but regretfully told us the sample was better. This happens to me All The Time at Trader Joe's and while I was sorry to have passed it on to my son, I was at least comforted that I am not alone in this.

For checking out less demoralized menus, try I'm an Organizing Junkie! And maybe next week I'll be back in the groove.


Mom24 said...

Chuckling about Trader Joe's. How does that happen? I've had it happen to me too, and I never understand it. You definitely sound out of mojo. I hope it's just cooking mojo and everything else is perking along. Thinking of you.

For St. Patrick's Day I'm thinking about Apricot-glazed corned beef weird?) or one glazed in Honey and mustard Not sure which I'll go with but I'm thinking of making two so I can guarantee hash in our future.

I hope the week's good for you.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Sounds like you have a very busy couple of weeks.