Monday, October 31, 2011

A Maybe Misunderstanding...

...but from what I saw briefly in my look at the Google Reader blog, they are turning off not just sharing and liking but also following on Blogger.
To those of you who have been my followers, I thank you. Each one of you made me smile, and I hope I did that for you, too.
I'm not on Google Plus for several reasons, including that my Gmail account has been hacked twice, unlike any of my other email accounts, but if I figure out a way to get a MemeGRL Google+ account, I will hope to reconnect with my followers there.
I'll probably stick with this platform because this is not a time in my life for any more newness, so I hope we reconnect out there in cyberspace somehow. But I didn't want the features to evaporate completely without saying thanks. I'm so glad you're here.


Lilian said...

Google is becoming evil then too, just like facebook (maybe worse)?! Thanks for writing this and warning me. Not that I follow anyone really or anyone follows me, but still...

I've wanted to move to wordpress forever and maybe I should.

I'm on Google+ and I was really upset yesterday to see how my picasa online albums are now connected to Google+ (good thing they were private). The photo sharing in G+ is actually worse than facebook, it seems! If I make an album available to my G+ friends they will be able to share it with THEIR friends. If I restrict access to the photos, then nobody can comment or tag them anymore. SOOOO arbitrary!

I'm happy with my gmail account (my main one, basically my only one), but after my brother-in-law's was hacked, I changed my password into this horribly long thing... so I hope not to get hacked. Sorry for hijacking your comment section!

Mom24 said...

Oh wow. I am not happy about this AT ALL. I'll be checking into it more, but for now, I think I can circumvent it by subscribing in a reader...I hope so anyway.