Monday, May 2, 2011

MPM--Sorry, World Events Intervened

Hmm, a little delay there while I blinked in disbelief at the news. I cheer no one's death but I am relieved for those whose lives he devastated, that they may sleep a little easier, that one source of evil in the world is here no more.

On to my mundane, first world problems, that I am grateful to have. The CSA starts today--woohoo!--so veggies are subject to change.

Monday: pork tenderloin in creamy mustard sauce (see sidebar); kale chips; asparagus

Tuesday: taco Tuesday

Wednesday: Chik-Fil-A fundraiser (shudder)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: baseball game, so food-to-go; I have pizza shells in the fridge so a pizza/flatbread of some kind will probably work as a portable, fast meal.

Last week, I lucked in to an awesome roast chicken day at the Co-op (it's always amazing when I can buy a fully-made chicken for less than a raw one that I have to do the work on myself), and we had that one hot night, and my husband did a terrific sundried tomato "stir fry" with some of the chicken later in the week, using Trader Joe's sundried tomato pesto and some other things--wine, pine nuts, parsley--which was awesome. It's really tragic for our family that I'm the one who ends up doing most of the cooking. He's so much better than I am in the kitchen.

Last week, I alluded to my Matrix moment with food. One of them is related to this article, where they write about how food dyes create flavor out of thin air, literally. The food chemist tells how a white pudding tastes like vanilla, even with mango flavor in it, and a yellow pudding tastes like banana or mango even with no fruit in it. Am I the only one thinking of the turkey dinner on Camazotz from A Wrinkle in Time? While I know the science doesn't support it, we've really noticed a difference in our son since we cut out the red dye. And I am kicking myself--how hard was that? Not hard at all--especially for such a big difference. The only good thing is that he's old enough so that when he had the dye, and melted down, we could talk to him about it reasonably, and say, "Do you like how you are feeling right now? Is this easy or hard?" and then help steer him to non-dye choices later, which was easy, because he hated how it made him feel. There are still a few places it sneaks in--the excitement of the ice cream truck, for instance, made him forget to check for dyes--but overall, I'm very proud of him for making the choices himself. And we just try to stay a step ahead and stock the cabinet with things that don't have the dye, and reasonable alternatives. (For example, "all" the kids have fruit gummies at lunch, so I bought Annie's and some others that don't have dye.)

Anyway, we're in the treading water time of year here, so no new things to review from last week, and not much excitement this week either. I'll get back in to it eventually, I'm sure. For more meal-planning ideas, you know where to go!

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Mom24 said...

So much here to relate to. It's odd to me to see so many people cheering Bin Laden's death. I'm glad the threat of him is removed, although there certainly are plenty of threats left behind, not to mention the threat of revenge, but it seems so odd to celebrate a death.

We're definitely treading water here as well. Perfect description.

That's wonderful about the change for your son. As far as I've seen, the research is still out on it, a lot of scientists do believe what you've seen. I'm glad that for your family it's been beneficial.

I hope you have a good week.