Sunday, April 3, 2011

MPM--Settling In to Spring

I'll tell you what, having a given night designated for a certain meal--Taco Tuesday, in our case--makes life much easier. And I love that it's Tuesday, because then I really only have to plan two dinners--one for Monday, one for Wednesday, and Thursday leftovers. It's a beautiful thing. Even better? Getting the slow cooker involved. Which I'll have to do more of next week.

Monday: Trying something new, in the clearing-the-pantry way: Pineapple pork chops, rice, green bean salad, either from last week or the other crazy delicious Smitten Kitchen one

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday, of course, and thank goodness. Baseball season has started and I need to feed the boy promptly and get him the heck to the field.

Wednesday: Trying again for the Hot Chicken Salad, rice, Oasis Carrot Salad, asparagus (see sidebar for recipes)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: pesto quinoa for the kids, Trader Joe's scallops in light sauce for grownups.

As to last week--nothing new. I'm spent. We had an awesome time at Wednesday Spaghetti, and then my high school reunion this weekend, which meant time with old friends I just don't see often enough. It didn't leave much time for creative time in the kitchen. And I'm kind of ok with that, even though it makes the blog dull. Here's hoping your week has more inspiration! Try I'm an Organizing Junkie for more great meals on the web!

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