Sunday, June 6, 2010

MPM--Not So Much

Wow, wasn't that a great menu plan last week? Wouldn't that have been just awesome?

That wasn't at all the way it worked out in real life.

I can't tell you what we actually ate. We had some leftover pulled pork from the weekend, and another night, my son ate some pretty spicy buffalo chicken meatballs from Trader Joe's while the other rocked a kaiser roll. We swam every day, and the temps were over 90, so we just found ourselves staying at the pool, snarfing berries and watermelon and calling it a meal. Sounds good, and worked fine, but a little dicey in practice.

So with that, my new, more realistic June plan:

Monday: Italian beef in the slow cooker, roasted potatoes and turnips (hello, CSA season, how I have missed you); salad

Tuesday: Wednesday Spaghetti. Woohoo! I'll bring the ever popular Something. We'll have to see how hot it is.

Wednesday: leftover beef in sandwiches or with rice, depending on what's in the house; some green veggie, probably asparagus

Thursday: something from the freezer that doesn't involve much cooking. Last week's fail was that it was over 90 and I didn't want to stand over the stove in that weather.

Friday: Graduation/soccer/swim team...I have no idea where dinner will be ingested but I will travel with snacks all afternoon!

There was one new recipe I tried last week and it worked out great: my sister in law mentioned that she went to a party and the hostess served cannoli dip with Nilla Wafers and strawberries for dipping. "It was so good," my sister in law said, "I didn't ask for the recipe. I knew I couldn't have it in the house for any amount of time." As I was hosting a Silpada party as a fundraiser, that sounded about right to me. So I googled and found this recipe and, um, yeah. Not as amazing as a real South Philly cannoli but very easy and awfully good. I subbed mini chips (why chop chips, really?) but otherwise, stuck with it. And mmmmmmmm, it was a big hit.

Go see I'm an Organizing Junkie! for great menu plans!


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

I so wish we had a CSA. :D Great looking menu! :D

Thank you for sharing! Have a great Monday!

brandy101 said...

ooh! cannoli dip - perfect for an event I have to bring a dessert to on Thursday night!!

Mom24 said...

Sounds good! It's hard to plan effectively for summer, isn't it?

I love the idea of Wednesday spaghetti. Very cool.

brandy101 said...

FYI - I made the canoli dip based on the recipe you linked. I ended up changing it slightly for the better - add 1/2 C (not 1/4) powdered sugar and 1/2 C mini chips. It really needed it - otherwise it just tasted like the cool whip oil.

My husband was unimpressed but daughter and I liked what we sampled so I took it to the church function tonight. HUGE HIT!!! Sent the recipe (with my mod's) to a few peeps who requested it.

Served it w. Strawberries and those rolled crepe cookies. Someone suggested broken up pizzelles or 'Nilla Wafers.