Sunday, April 18, 2010

MPM--Prom Season Begins!

Happy prom season! I'm very excited: it's another year with a junior in the family, so we're having the traditional cookout to watch the dressy kids and take pictures. Yay! Spring was here and was glorious and now it's back to the 50s for us, so I'm still trying to get my last wintery meals in.

This week:

Monday: tacos. We're having the slow cooker carnitas, though I'm experimenting with pork loin this time, and the kids are having regular old ground turkey tacos.

Tuesday: I'm back at Dinner A'Fare in the morning so instead of freezing one of the meals, I'll make it tonight.

Wednesday: tacos again. Leftover turkey for the kids, black bean tacos with the awesome slaw for us.

Thursday: apricot chicken, rice, asparagus

Friday: Prom night! I'm bringing the berry/rhubarb crumble to the barbeque. Yum. I am also jonesing to try the quinoa salad here, so I will probably bring that as well. Whether anyone will eat it is anyone's guess, but it's worth a try.

Well, we had a huge success here last week: the Pioneer Woman's meatballs were the first meal in forever that my entire family ate. We told the oldest boy it was like a burger with ketchup. We told the younger one it was like meatloaf. And I told my husband that one of his friends really liked it so I got the recipe from his wife. Winner! Ok, the little one didn't eat the mashed potatoes. But that meant more for us, and he really doesn't need more carbs. The downside was that it was time consuming; my kids watched more tv than I would have liked them to while I mixed, shaped, froze, rolled, fried and poured. But if I can figure out an easier meatball than making my own, the sauce is super simple and oh, my--yum. (I did try the corresponding mashed potatoes--also a big yum.)

Hope you had a great week--if you are planning your menu, think about posting over with I'm an Organizing Junkie! See you next week!

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Mom24 said...

Your week sounds delicious. I can't get a good handle on how many/how old your kids are.

Our prom's still a couple of weeks away--Mother's Day weekend. Not looking forward to it, the end of the year will be right around the corner from that, and I am not ready for graduation!

Thanks for reviewing the meatballs. I've been wanting to try those.