Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MPM--In the Deep Midwinter

I'm not sure why I never finished or posted this but was surprised to find it in the draft file. Sorry if I'm throwing off your readers with an extra-old dated post!

Aren't we supposed to be halfway to spring? Around here, we should be, but, um, not so much. After so much snow, it sounded strange to have rain. But it was the cold, nasty rain, and while it was nice to see the grass on the lawn again (such as it is), all the old snow wasn't even melted yet when the next storm was announced!

At least it gives me a chance to keep going with the wintery recipes.

crockpot carnitas

crockpot granola

pesto chicken roll-ups

spaghetti &/or meatballs

Last week: I was still dealing with the freezer defrost situation. The only "new" thing we had was a the vegan crockpot sweet potato chili that I made at the end of summer but never got around to defrosting. As open-minded as my husband is, I do tend to think that he likes meat with his dinners. Though maybe I'm just channeling my mother there. But this? This was a huge hit. My husband de-veganized it instantly with sour cream and cheddar cheese. I did with some butter on the rice I served it over. But we both really enjoyed it and I will definitely make it again. (I made it without the chipotle chili, as I didn't have any and am trying hard not to buy one-recipe spices.)

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