Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Amazing Posts Today You Should Read

It's Autism Awareness Day.

Read the Lemonade & Kidneys post here.

Read Domestic Goddess's post here.

And on a completely different note, Barack Obama spoke at our local high school today. Read the inside scoop at Well Read Hostess here.

You'll thank me later, really.

Someday I might get my act together enough to write about our nephew with autism. Or not. Even if I do, it won't be as eloquent or compelling as my friends' stories here.

And as you'll see in my comment from WRH, I will always remember this not as the day Obama dangled the idea of Gore as VP in his talk, but the day he sincerely implored support for early childhood education. I'm guessing he didn't know that his visit caused the host school to cancel preschool for the day. Leaving my boy without school today. (Fortunately, his cousin stepped in and said she'd take him for the day as I had to work and my husband, of all things, was at an accountability conference, and it looks really bad to back out of those.) A shame the little ones weren't there, really--my boy is cute. Would've been a heck of a photo op. I have a goal of taking the kids to see all the presidential candidates, but alas, they keep coming to our part of the state on days that I'm working. But there are almost three weeks until election day. Surely they'll be back.


Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks for the linky love!
I wish I coulda gone to see Obama. We were busing hacking up what was left of our lungs. Not that you needed to know that.

Shelley said...

Just put those blog posts out in the Twitterverse... thanks for sharing.

Would love to hear more "on the ground" reports on the race as April 22nd gets closer... are people talking to strangers about it all yet?

RuthWells said...

MG, thanks for the link, and Shelley, thanks for the Twitter... stuff... (I don't yet understand Twitter, to my shame). I wish I could have seen Obama as well, but mostly wish I could have brought the kids to see him. They're very involved in the process this year.