Monday, March 17, 2008

Easing Back In--MPM

Top of the evenin' to you! We had a lovely St. Pat's here, though we spent it in a most Italian way, cruising the Italian Market, meeting my friend Rocco, and buying things I'm too intimidated to learn to cook. like ham pie, ricotta pie, and egg bread. The boys had a ball running around South Philadelphia, and I did too. I picked up potatoes and some other veggies for a song and came home inspired.

Alas, I ran out of time to get ham or corned beef before the boys fell asleep in the car, so I went with plan B for tonight. But we also made my mother's Irish Soda Bread recipe, and that made it feel like a holiday. My younger son helped, and would ask, "I stir it now? I pour it now? I a good boy?" And he really was. He's a very enthusiastic kitchen helper.

Monday: Rachael Ray's Turkey Shepherd's Pie, soda bread

Tuesday: Leftover same (even my picky older son ate a ton of it! I was thrilled)

Wednesday: Potato and corn chowder (made it up; it's bland so far but I'm hoping it gets better)

Thursday: Corned beef or ham and cabbage (I already have the cabbage, so this has to happen)

Friday: It's Good Friday so I am not sure what we'll do. Probably finish the soup.

Saturday: Something from the freezer (probably chicken fingers, spinach, and rice for the boys)

Sunday: Happy Easter! Feast at my sister-in-law's.


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Mmmm! Corned Beef and cabbage sounds so yummy! You have to go that route, and enjoy some for me! Sadly, I do not know how to make it and don't have a recipe for it.

Lauren said...

I like soda bread, but I wish it didn't go stale so fast.

Shepherd's pie is always good. I should make that this week. Thanks for the idea.

Kelly said...

yay! your back! and from the looks of the picture, I hope my "cast off" cast iron skillets are helping the soda bread cause!

Domestic Goddess said...

mmmm...can I eat at your house? It's spring break and I don't feel like cooking.

brandy101 said...

you were right in my sister,Rachel's 'hood. She is between 7th & 8th off Catherine st...

I can't believe you know Rocco; his blog is INTENSE (with research and understanding of things that very few, even among the faithful, wholly understand.)

We are again doing homemade pizzas on Friday (we buy the shells - a local brand thinner than boboli.)We mince fresh garlic all oVER the thing and add whatever veggies we have - onions, tomato, green pepper, etc, and of course olive oil, small amt. of sauce and cheese. I posted an EASY and delicious vegetarian Roasted Red Pepper soup recipe at my blog a few days back; maybe that could inspire you.

Mary said...

Welcome back! I love reading your stuff- and who don't you know with a Philly connection? :)