Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to the original point...

This is a problem for me in all parts of my life, so why should my blog be any different? I sometimes get, um...distracted from my original point, hop on to something else, and then have to wander my way back.
So, Meal Planning Monday. On Tuesday. I know. But I actually did it this week, and just back from vacation to boot!
Monday: Orange Sesame Shrimp with broccoli and rice (from my Super Suppers trip, which I adored and will definitely do again)
Tuesday: Chicken satay with asparagus and rice (again from my Super Suppers trip, which I adored and will definitely do again), radish salad
Wednesday: leftovers, augmented if necessary with Trader Joe's chicken cutlets, broccoli, green salad with cherry tomatoes and blue cheese
Thursday: turkey meatballs with some kind of pasta, plus whatever veggies come in the box from my CSA
Friday: salmon, something with potatoes (possibly the recipe I like from The New Basics cookbook with salmon over potatoes, but we'll see how the weather is; grilling might be preferable), plus veggies from the CSA share
And we'll see over the weekend. My fabulous friend is visiting and she keeps Kosher; once upon a time I could keep the rules in my brain but those days are looooong past.
Boy, do I feel more in control when I know what dinner will be. A nice way to come back.

Meanwhile, we came back from vacation to some developmental leaps from both boys. Son One came downstairs yesterday and opened the Carbo Cabinet (cereal, snacks, etc.) as if he's been doing it all his life. Of course, he has not; it has been childproofed since he was 9 months old. Son Two decided he doesn't need naps. He is mistaken. I am winning this battle but he doesn't know it yet. I may have to resort to the car a bit, but I'm not above that. At all.


Rachel said...

I used to keep Kosher - I can help you with any of those rules if you want! :)

Anjali said...

Good luck with the nap battle. I lost it a few months after Leela turned 2.

Hope you had a fabulous vacation!